My second week in Canada

The second report of Samuel Dürr

My second week in Canada consisted of four days of school and a long three-day weekend.

 On Monday my second week of school started, and to make sure, that I got to see many different classes, we decided to switch up the first block Home Electrical class, with English class.

This week’s project in English class was a movie scene analysis. Therefore, we started off watching the movie “Good Will Hunting” and worked on our assignments on Wednesday and Thursday. Our English teacher Mr. Umbach was so kind to correct my written assignment and give me feedback on the following weekend.

 As for the second block I still attended socials class, to build on last week’s history input and write this week´s due, a source interpretation about how authoritarian regimes rejected liberalism.

 After finishing my essay, I conducted some research on the Canadian First Nations, also known as Natives or Indigenous people. I learned about their history, the abuse, and their present status, including their privileges and reserves. Once I was finished with my research, I moved on to study the Cold War and assembled a timeline of the most important events during the Cold War era.

 For the third block, I stuck to construction class, finishing my wooden box project. Fortunately, the box’s glue had hardened over the weekend so I could erase leftover glue and sand each side evenly. The only thing left for me to do would be to stain my box. I chose to stain my spruce box with a dark brown walnut color.

 On Thursday, I was invited to the Health and Fitness class during the third block by Mr. Umbach. As I had already finished my previous third block construction project, I was able to join their Health and Fitness class for an empowering workout session.

 For the last block or fourth block gym class, we finished our volleyball week with a challenging skill test, consisting of passing, smashing, and serving the ball. The remaining week before Easter break, we worked on the next project, which was cricket. The first day our teacher Myles introduced us to the rules of the cricket version we would play and had us practice some serving, as well as bating in smaller groups.

 For the last days of school, we were then able to play our first games of cricket, which was quite an interesting experience.

 Once again, a huge Thank You to all the teachers and students who welcomed me in their classes, made my time in BRHS very special, and gave me an overwhelming number of gifts on my last day. Special thanks to Mr. Rourke, the principal, for having me in his school during my stay in Canada.

As the second week of school drew to a close and the Easter break approached, we decided to go on a shopping spree in Grande Prairie. Our experience at the Walmart grocery store on Thursday was quite memorable.

On Friday, Mr. Sudnik and I went for a ride in their outdoor side-by-side truck and visited their grandparents, who kindly showed us around their property. As the sun set and the stars started to appear, we were lucky to witness a clear, sparkling sky, as there was very little light out on their farm.

The following Saturday, Mr. Sudnik showed me his own business, „BRASS Tires LTD.“, where he specialized in changing and repairing tires of any kind. I learned about changing semi-truck tires, different procedures, and important things to look for.

On Easter Sunday, we woke up to a mission impossible-style Easter scavenger hunt that took us through the entire neighborhood. As a reward, we received sugary Easter treats. Following their Easter traditions, we had a family gathering in the afternoon, with their grandparents, some of their aunts, uncles, and cousins. Meeting their family, having conversations with them, and playing games together once again showed how welcoming and kind they are.

The food highlight of the week was on Easter Sunday as we had roast beef, turkey, ham, and so much more, that I’m unable to list everything (including the desserts). Therefore, a huge thanks to the Sudniks, who made this Easter Sunday very special.

Throughout the weekend, I spent most of my time hanging out with Rylan and his sibling, either playing basketball, feeding the farm animals, or playing various other competitive games, such as „Risk“ or „Monopoly“.

Finishing my second week in Canada, I feel like I’ve just gotten used to the place I’m staying. I’m excitedly looking forward to my last week in this vast country with this welcoming family, being grateful for everybody who has a part in this awesome experience.

All the best from Canada

Samuel Dürr